Services and Customizations

Services & Customizations

PVC and Ecological cards offer different options of personalization, effects and finishes to suit the communication, promotion, branding, identification, authenticity or security needs of users.

These are our main Services:

  • Graphic processing for custom printing;
  • 6700 + combinations of WOW Effects;
  • mailing and enveloping services;
  • flow pack & wrapping;
  • Order automation.

Graphic Processing for Custom Printing

The most common customization of cards made at 3D PRINT is four-color printing of customer-specific logos, custom text , images or graphics. We employ advanced printing techniques, with maximum resolution and customization.

Variable data such as unique barcodes, qr codes, names, unique serial numbers, and individual photos are printed indelibly, that is, before the cards are laminated. In this way they are protected from the wear and tear of time and frequent use.

For the purpose of optimal card production, we recommend submitting files in.pdf format. The perfect resolution is 300 dpi (pixels per inch) for color and black/white photos is 800 dpi for lines (1-bit images). You can download the form for proper submission of the card print file for Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop.

For graphic instructions of oversized cards and passes, lanyards, card holders and silicone wristbands, contact us.

6700 + Effects WOW

Our Product Portfolio consists of more than 6700 Wow Effect Combinations starting from:

  • Materials such as White PVC, Transparent and Translucent PVC, Plasticized Paper, Cellulose Pulp, SICOECO Bio-PVC, Recycled PVC, Wood;
  • Technologies, such as RFID & NFC, Contact Chip, Magnetic Bands;
  • Finishes such as Signature Panels, Holes and Slots and surface finishes such as glossy, matte, satin;
  • Custom Data, such as Barcodes (even graphed as a logo), Numbering, Qrcodes, Photos, Names and credit card type effects such as embossing or embossed punching and laser engraving;
  • Effects such as Embossed Varnish, Gold or Silver Screen Printing Backgrounds, Satin Backgrounds, Pantone and Gold and Silver Thermographic, Metallic Varnishes, Scented Inks, 3D Rough Effect Varnish, etc;
  • Specially designed graphic elements such as Hologram, Metallic Trim, Holographic Effects, 3D Effects;
  • Special Formats such as XXL Badges, Shaped Cards, M6 Format, Tricard and Custom Formats.

To touch the result of these combinations and orient yourself among the many products of 3D PRINT request the Card Pack.

Mailing services for Mailing

Automatic enveloping or fullfillment is an indispensable service for managing mailings to associates or customers. Allows information content to be packaged according to the customer, enhancing the relationship and engagement. It effectively communicates the update of new services, the presentation of exclusive benefits, and thanks to the mailing activity the recipient has a professional and efficient perception of the brand and corporate image.

3D PRINT manages theprocessing and sending of mass mailings for its clients in an automated manner and with solutions tailored to the specific needs of the client, who can concentrate on “core” activities and thus reduce preparation and mailing time.

Outsourcing the envelope stuffing service at a minimum may involve simply mass printing of cards, matching with forms and any inserts, and enveloping. In its standard formula, the one used by the majority of our clients, it guarantees:

  • The massive printing of cards, forms and any inserts;
  • compliance with postal standards;
  • cap sorting of the entire database;
  • The mass mailing of cards applied to forms (A3, A4, A5), with also the management of inserts;
  • The matching of form and card;
  • personalization of the envelope with the card reference and matching to the mailing address;
  • strapping and delivery to the Post Office;
  • The monitoring and reporting of submissions.

For a quote and more information contact us.

Flow Pack & Wrapping

There are a variety of card packaging systems: from card holders made of pulp, to transparent shrink-wrap plastic material, to transparent envelopes adhered to the cards. These systems have in common the need to wrap the tiles to improve their presentation and protect them during handling and/or transport. 

Flow pack

The flow pack (bagging) is made with a continuous flow machine; during production, shrink-wrap plastic film wraps the card and accompanying flyer, ensuring that it is hermetically sealed and protected. Its “fin-like” appearance, due to its opening with a central fold, and comfortable size, make it perfect for packaging cards with advertising flyers or inserts explaining how the card works, or even for storing cards with valuable or service content, without any doubts about their possible tampering (e.g., scratch phone cards, cards with data traffic, cards providing services, etc.).  


It is technically “wrapping,” and consists precisely of wrapping the card with a “tight-fitting” envelope, that is, tightly adhered to the cards; there is no space between the card and the transparent envelope containing it. 

Wrapping is mainly used for card protection, which thus wrapped can also be applied with a label to other media.

Automated Import of Orders

3D PRINT is constantly working on the automatic order capture and entry procedure and, for large volumes, also through theintegration of our customers’APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). APIs enable proprietary software systems to communicate and exchange data in an automated way, with respect to predefined rules. They then allow orders to be automatically imported into 3D PRINT’s management system, enabling a more efficient workflow, optimizing production timelines and reducing manual errors. The last step activated-QUB-is our fully automated ordering process, which allows those who sign up to create an instant quote, check the 3D preview of the artwork, order directly and ensure delivery of goods through courier tracking.