Event Products

Articles for Events

Event Items are essential tools for ensuring the success of any event, trade show, conference or corporate meeting. They simplify its management and support the collection of valuable data to evaluate its effectiveness. Not least, through the use of eco-friendly materials, they uphold the commitment to environmental protection.

3D PRINT stands out from other competitors because it offers Cards, Passes, Badges and Accessories for Events with customizations, effects, technologies and formats that amplify their visibility and traceability. All from 100 pieces.

The Cards, Passes, Badges allow:

  • access management and identification, increasing the security of the event;
  • tracking of participants, to monitor the effectiveness of the initiative;
  • personalization with variable data, to create a sense of belonging and make the experience of event registrants engaging and unique;
  • The collection of data on event progress and participant involvement;
  • environmental sustainability, thanks to materials such as SICOECO Bio-PVC, Recycled PVC, Cellulose Pulp and Wood.

XXL badge

Versatile and impactful, they represent an innovative evolution in the field of visual event communication. XXL Badges are the ultimate badges; their size 87.7 x 140 mm. It is larger than that of the standard card and they have a hole. With the amplified display part and high visibility, XXL Badges make it easier to identify participants and recognize event staff. Customization ranges from barcodes, QR codes, names and numbering to numerous WOW effects and fine finishes. They can accommodate RFID technology and support the following basic materials:

  • White, transparent and colored PVC;
  • Recycled PVC;
  • Cellulose pulp.

Standard Card PVC and Pass with Custom Formats

They are the perfect complement to any special event and communication strategy: from sporting and cultural events, shows, concerts and festivals, to grand openings, private parties and conventions.

They include Standard Format Cards and all types of Passes customized with size, shape, thickness and graphics. 

Technical characteristics: 

  • Materials: white, transparent, colored PVC; SICOECO Bio-PVC; Recycled PVC;
  • Formats: Standard 85 x 54 mm. (ISO 7810); Custom sizes inscribed in the size of 140×90 mm. or 90×90 mm;
  • Thicknesses: 0.82; 0.76; 0.50; 0.40; 0.30 mm.
  • Technologies: bar codes (code 39, code 128, ean 13, ean 8, 2/5 interleaved) and qrcodes, magnetic stripes, memory chips, rfid antennas.

Customizable Tags, Cards and Passes Eco-friendly

We make Personalized Tags and Custom Passes from pulp and fully recyclable.

You can design Custom Pass shapes in different sizes, as simple as that of a standard card, rectangular, square or round, to more elaborate ones, depending on the need of the event. You can enter any variable information relevant to participant identification and brand promotion.

Customizable Tags are inexpensive and effective solutions for key product information such as characteristics, ingredients, and directions for use. They are used in the clothing industry, as bag and package closers, to personalize bottles and to accompany all kinds of products.

Technical characteristics:

  • Materials: cellulose pulp (MetsäBoard-Pro-FBB-Bright) that ensures maximum performance;
  • Thickness: approx. 0.45 mm;
  • Formats: standard cards (ISO 7810) or customized and personalized, within the maximum size of 140×90 mm. or 90×90 mm;
  • High quality four-color printing of graphics, logos, text;
  • customization with variable data, such as barcodes, qrcodes, names and numbering.


Also known as Lanyards and Badge Ribbons, because of their portability and convenience they are used in settings such as school events, corporate meetings, conventions, festivals, fairs, and at medical facilities and security companies. They allow wearing:

  • XXL badge;
  • standard PVC pass;
  • Standard PVC cards and passes with custom formats;
  • cardstock tags;
  • rfid badges for access control.

We design Lanyards to be simple and functional. The material from which they are made-100 percent polyester-is sturdy, as is the metal carabiner. They reach a length of 450 mm. and there is a choice:

  • the width: 10 mm. – 15 mm. – 20 mm. – 25 mm;
  • The type of carabiner: standard or oval;
  • the optional: anti-suffocation clip, releasable buckle and double metal carabiner;
  • customization: with full graphics, logo only, or logo and text.

Bracelets in Polyester

They represent a practical, cost-effective and customizable solution for access and identification of participants and visitors at outdoor events, concerts, sports meetings and trade shows.

They have a size of 350×15 mm and are made of 100% polyester. They are soft and comfortable to wear and resistant to water and sunlight. They can be customized with four-color graphics, logos, and text on both sides and are available in a wide range of colors: red, orange, blue, light blue, green, purple, black, and white. Because of their convenient plastic closure, they cannot be removed easily.

Completing our offer are the Rfid Bracelets in Silicone and the Rfid Key Rings Customizable.