Who we are

Who we are

3D PRINT is the fastest card manufacturer in Europe.
We produce cards in 24 hours or in 5 business days, starting from just 100 pieces.

Our experience, gained over more than 25 years of work, provides a wide range of products and customized solutions: Eco Cards, RFID & NFC Cards, Badges, Event Cards, PVC Cards and related Accessories and Software.

We are trusted a partner of 8976 companies in Europe, because we care about the needs and necessities of our customers. With us, you can get the following ADVANTAGES:

Ease, Speed, Reliability

For over 25 years, we have been considered the fastest card manufacturer in Europe. It’s a record we have maintained over time, thanks to our production process optimized for speed productions. Starting from quantities of 100 pieces, we guarantee production in 24 hours or in 5 business days on the most of products and quantities.

We also provide reactive and well-trained support and work on an intuitive workflow simplifying operations, reducing confusion and human error.

We believe in the importance of products as well as the service.In fact, we are always there, even when there are difficulties to face; that’s why our customers regard us as a reliable supplier.

We are Card Manufacturers

Being a card manufacturer always allows total control: from the offers, to the order, the pre-printing, through the printing process, to the packaging and the logistical management too.

Nothing is left to chance; professionalism and technical knowledge allow us to make adjustments at any stage of the production process. Our structure is customer-oriented and cares about their needs, guaranteeing flexibility and personalization.

Quality and Punctuality, always

We use high quality materials that comply with international standards and regulations, ensuring optimal product performance and look.

The production processes are optimized and we carry out random checks during all individual production stages. In case of non-compliance, We act immediately for the solution. This way allows us to be prompt and precise in deliveries.


Thanks to our experience, state-of-the-art technologies, careful selection of materials and production techniques, our products are environmentally sustainable. We constantly work to increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

For this reason:
. Eco-friendly printing machines: the printing technology is chemist free, Machines are latest generation and CO2 neutral;
. Waste reduction: 100% of production waste is recycled and We provide reusable and recyclable packaging;
. Renewable energies: 50% of the energy produced comes from photovoltaic panels. Our goal for the next years is 100%;
. We promote environmental responsibility in every phase of our production process;
. We create quality products, with sustainable materials too. 60% of the materials used are recycled pvc, eco-pvc, cellulose pulp and wood.

Professionalism, Reliability and Prompt Assistance

As a Card manufacturer for over 25 years, we serve more than 8.976 companies from 17 European countries. Our approach is customer-oriented: we can communicate effectively in Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Slovak and Russian, and we are appreciated for the quality and sustainability of our products and for our Professionalism, Reliability and Prompt Assistance too.

97% of our customers are satisfied; we listen to their needs and find the right customized solutions for promotional activities, access control systems, event badges and passes, loyalty programs, Gift cards and RFID & NFC cards.

RFID & NFC Cards

We manage the latest RFID & NFC technologies for customized and secure access and identification solutions. Most of our RFID & NFC cards use the following tags: Mifare® 1k NXP, 1k compatible, Read only, Ntag 216 NXP, T5577, Mifare® Ultralight Ev1, NTAG 213 NXP.

6700+ Mix of Wow Effects

Our Product Portfolio consists of more than 6700 Combinations of Wow Effects such as:
. White PVC, Transparent PVC, Laminated Paper, Cellulose Pulp, Bio-PVC SICOECO, Recycled PVC, Wood;
. Technologies and Variable Data, like RFID & NFC, Contact Chip, Magnetic Stripes;
. Finishes such as Signature Panels, Barcodes, Numbers, QR Codes, Photos, Holes and Slots;
. Effects like the Embossed Varnish, Golden or Silver backgrounds, Metallic Paints, Scented Inks, etc.;
. Custom Special Formats, such as XXL Badges, Shaped Cards, M6 Format and Custom Formats.
. Gift Cards and Card Holders, Silicone Rfid Bracelets, Lanyards, Polyester Bracelets, Rfid Key Chains and the Cardpresso Software complete our offer.

Services and Advanced Automation

We provide services that complete and add value to cards production: artwork creation, card customization, packaging and mailing services, flow packs and wrapping.

qub is our fully automated order process, which allows creating an instant quote, checking the 3D preview of the graphics, ordering directly and ensuring the delivery of the goods through the courier tracking.


Card Pack

Finding your way around 3D PRINT’s products is now easy thanks to the Card Pack, the Sample kit that allows you to fully understand the technical characteristics of the offered solution.

Try our quality; order it!

It contains the latest products and some of the most popular cards: Customized cards in white and transparent pvc, card with recycled pvc, SICOECO bio-PVC, wood, cellulose pulp, cards with special formats, cards with wow effects such as gold/silver glitter, pearlescent backgrounds, hot stamps, embossed paints, metallic paints.

All in one box. Ask for it now

Our Staff

All the know-how you’re looking for, at your service


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Fast F.A.Q.

Che tempi di produzione rispettate?

We produce cards from 100 pcs in 24 hours and 5 working days from confirmation.

Come organizzo la mia grafica?

We recommend submitting files in .pdf format. The optimal resolution is 300 dpi (pixels per inch) for color and black/white photos and 800 dpi for lines (1-bit images). You can download the form for a correct print file submission for Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop. We have made some examples of the most frequent errors that occur in the graphic layout of a card. Please refer to the layout instructions. See the layout instructions.

Di quali materiali sostenibili disponete?

3D Print pays attention to sustainability, thanks to a production process that focused on lowering the impact of production on the environment. We use SICOECO Bio-PVC, recycled PVC, Cellulose Pulp and Wood.

Quali sono le tecnologie RFID & NFC più frequenti?

RFID & NFC cardsmost frequently use the following chip : MifareR 1k NXP, 1k compatible, Read only, Ntag 216 NXP, T5577, MifareR Ultralight Ev1, NTAG 213 NXP.

Come è trattato il dato variabile?

Barcodes, QR codes, numbering, names and photos are the personalizations that we offer. Variable data are printed under overlay, before the card is laminated, to make them more durable over time.

Che cosa sono i 6700 mix di Effetti Wow?

We have more than 6700 Wow Effect Combinations that can be applied to cards. These are materials, technologies, finishes, effects and formats that can be combined to create “Wow” cards:
. White PVC, Transparent, Plasticised Paper, Cellulose Pulp, Eco-PVC, Recycled PVC, Wood;
. Variable Data and different Technologies, such as RFID & NFC, Barcodes, QR Codes, Contact Chips, Magnetic Strips, etc;
. Finishes such as Signature Panels, Barcodes, Numbers, QR Codes, Photos, Holes and Slots;
. Effects such as Embossed Varnish, Gilded or Silver Grounds, Metallic Varnishes, Scented Inks, etc;
. Custom Special Formats, such as XXL Badges, Shaped Cards, M6 Format and Custom Formats.

Fuori Formato o Formati Speciali in cosa consistono?

These are different formats from the standard card, with a larger display area, usually used as Badges and Passes for events. Some examples: Badge XXL, Personalized Badges, Custom-sized Badges.

Che cos’è qub?

qub, our fully-automated online ordering process, allows you to create a quote, check the 3D preview, order directly and track shipment.

Cos’è l’anteprima in 3D?

It is the possibility to see, and check the 3D print preview before final approval.